Slots Strategy

Slots gaming is one of the most interesting games for any gaming passionate, not only gambling keens. You can win million of dollars overnight and could lose all your bankrolls in a matter of few hours if you don’t come up with a solid strategy for how to survive with slots gaming. Slots gaming is played on video slots gaming machines and all of these machines are not similar. Each of them may be different with its payouts, jackpot amount, wagering needs, pay lines, coin numbers….and so on. You first have to decide how to choose the best paying slots machine, and for that, you need to look closely at the pay lines machine has to offer in pay table. Each pay line don’t pay you the same multiplier of your wagering amount, more the unique your pay line stack symbol will be, will pay higher multiplier for your wager.

Decide your Budget

You must have seen in a Hollywood movie where a player lose all his money and keep playing until he ended and left with nothing: no car, no home, massive loans, and all sort of bad things. Leave alone the movie, but you should always play according to your planned budget amount. Your budget amount for each playing session depends on how many such sessions you want to participate in. Suppose you want to bet in all your multiple visits then you should always segregate your total bankroll to each visit, then again to each session, and finally to each slots spin.

Payout %, Speed, and Wager Size

Not every casino offers you the same payout. Each of them keeps its house advantage depending upon various factors. We don’t need to discuss how they decide their house advantage. What we only concern with is the highest payout; choose the slots' machine that pays you the highest payout ratio retaining a minimum amount for house advantage. Apart from the payout %, speed of slots spins is also need to be considered before playing. You can lose all your money in minutes if you are playing on a fast machine that can spin for virtually hundred times per minute in auto mode. Always starts slowly and increases your wager steadily. Furthermore, slots machine comes in various coin denominations. There are machines that accept as high as 10 coins per pay line per spin while other machines may be taking up to three to five coins per spin.

Strategically, never play with the highest possible wager on any machine, playing with a ten coin slots machine offering ten different pay lines will cost you 100 coins multiplied by their value for each spin, worth mentioning if it can last in less than a minute.

Play calmly and Stop at Right Time

Though, slots gaming is so fascination that sometime you can’t control your reactions, but for any sensible player timing is very important. No matter how much you’ve won or lose, you should be self controlled enough to stopover playing at the right time. Many time players keep playing if they are winning, which sometime cost them all their winnings with bare bankroll. Slots gaming should never be spontaneous; it shouldn’t be like go and play. If you need to earn something out of slots gaming in a long run always go with well-planned slots strategies.