Slots Rules

Slots gaming has witnessed some massive changes in its game play from ancient version to contemporary slots available in today’s casinos. There are, virtually, thousands of online casinos providing their own exclusive variant of online slots based on any customized theme. Even land based casinos keep changing their video slots’ gaming software to keep updating with the most recent version on a popular theme. Each of these casinos has customized their games to facilitate their players and to secure a significant house advantage. Every time you play slots gaming at a new place you always need to check their rules, pay lines, minimum wager requirement, special bonus, jackpots…and so on. Even the most frequent player cannot assume any particular rule to be followed at every other place.

One thing that has not been changed since its inception in the nineteenth century is the objective of slots gaming. Players still need to arrange similar or special stack symbols along with single or multiple pay lines. No matter if he is playing classic three reel slots or the most recent version that may have seven reels or even more by connecting several slots machines to create more thrill, craze, suspense, and higher prizes for prominent slots enthusiastic.

Wagering Requirement on Slots Machines

Nevertheless, the place you are playing at, or the version you are playing, you need to check certain things before you finalize your wagering amount or winning strategy. You should always check the version of slots console you are playing on, i.e., is it a 5 or 10 coins machine. If not, then how many coins you can bet on each pay line along with the highest possible value of each coin. Let's understand maximum possible slots wagering with an example: suppose you are playing on a ten coin slots machine that allows each coin value to be in the range of 0.01 Dollar to 1 dollar, and offer ten different pay lines each spin. On this machine, your maximum wager would be 20x10x1 Dollar each spin. So, if you want to bet on each pay line with maximum possible coins on each pay line, you need to wage $200 each spin, which is in no mean a small amount.

In fact, prizes vary according to the pay table of each pay line. Some symbols pay you in the ratio of 1:20 while other prime symbols may be paying massive 1:1000 payout! This is just a simple slots machine’s game play. Each slots machine has many other special symbols that award you bonus free spins – or a jackpot. Normally, every online casino is building up a progressive jackpot that continuously surge until claimed by a player, who needs to be very very lucky to have jackpot winning combination on any pay line.

House Advantage

Like every online casino game, house advantage is always determined by the casino itself. Suppose if any casino is offering 98% payout, it is assumed that they will pay back $98 for every $100 wager on their slots machines. This is not the end of slots ruling. With more technological innovations, everyday, software providers trying to introduce more fun and attraction among players by new variants, coolest symbols, many bonuses, and even more Jackpots!