History of Slots

Slots gaming has covered a long journey to reach the place where they are in today. Now, we enjoy fully automatic slots spins featured with multi play lines along with magnificent user’s display, but have you ever tried to know about how an earlier slots machine used to work, who invented them, and if today’s slots machines have anything similar to their ancient counterpart? Let’s travel across the long journey of casino’s most entertaining game: slots.

According to some slots historian, in the early years slots name was used for an automated vending machine that include gambling machine too, to dispense something in auto mode. However, the most parallel version of slots machines that we see into today’s casinos was first come into play after a novel thinking in the mind of a car mechanic at San Francisco: Charles Fey.

Charles Fey’s role in Today’s Slots Machines

Charles Fey, a car mechanic of San Francisco, was the first person to introduce an automated slots machine made of cast iron in the late nineteenth century that contains three reels containing five symbols: proprietary Liberty bell, Spade, Diamond, Horseshoes, and Heart, on each reel. These symbols are quite odd in today’s era, but they became extremely popular in that era. This slots machine became explosively accepted, and demand increases to sky height. Charles could not fulfill the gigantic market requirements. Because of the increasing gap between demand and supply other producers imitate the design and similar slots machine flooded in the market. One of such imitating slots machines was Bell Fruit Gum Slot Machine that launches with slight variations to original version of Charles by including more popular symbols: cherry and melon.

Earlier slots machines also offer the highest payout that we called a jackpot today and this tradition of offering the highest payout on any particular symbol’s combination on single pay line is extremely popular till date. The first ever jackpot / highest payout on Charles’s slots machine was mare 10 nickels, which was a considerable amount at that time. This jackpot was awarded on getting three proprietary Liberty bell’s symbol on single pay line. This original slots machine is still placed intact at Liberty Belle Saloon owned by the grandson of Charles Fey in the late memories of his grandfather’s greatest invention.

Today, slots machines contain thousands of variations, offer multiple play lines. Even the technology has changed significantly. Now we have well crafted matching stack symbols to various themes, including movies, celebrities, festivals, or virtually everything. Unlike original three-reel slots machine, now we have multi reel slots machines and they are interconnected to offer ever increasing progressive jackpots. In fact, many big casinos’ slots machines are interconnected via multiple casinos’ network to form a gigantic progressive jackpot. This inter connectivity of several slots machines at many casinos at the same time has contributed to make slots jackpot as the highest paying prize money among all casino games.