Slots FAQ

Slots machines have become so much widespread that everybody wants to be an integral part of it. Though, regular users are aware about the details this game normally incorporated, but every time a new user decides to learn about slots, faces some sort of anxiety before he starts playing any slots variant. To overcome this hurdle, we have summarized some most frequently asked questions about slots gaming machines around.

Are Reels’ Spins Unbiased?

Yes, defiantly, every slots machine running on any software has to be regulated by the prescribed authority. Contrary to the normal belief, every spin is 100% random and temper free. No symbol is given undue overweight or underweight. However, machines are designed in such a way to give away only up to a certain percentage of its earning as winning, keeping some share for house advantage, which is clearly declared by every slots operator.

What are the Reels?

The reel is originated from traditional cinematic industry where a reel normally means a long-straight picture reel. With slots machines, reels remind the number of spinning vertically straight lines that consist of many slots, and each of these slots again contains some icons or symbols called stack symbols or simply symbols.

What is a Pay line?

Every slots game pays according to the landing paylines’ stack symbols. Payline can be horizontal, vertical, diagonal, or in a zig-zag pattern. The objective is to have matching icons on the waged pay line in any allowable direction.

What is the Pay Table?

Every slots game pays many winning combinations, and each of these winning combinations is written on the game screen itself to make every player aware about his winning amount. Basically, Pay table is a standard ‘T’ shaped table that contains winning amount on each of the winning combination of the game.

What is a Wild, Scatter Symbol?

Every slots game has some special stack symbols that pay higher than a standard payout. Even some have special attributes to replace any non-matching icons on landing pay line. These replaceable icons are called Wild Icons, like wild cards in poker.

On the other hand, a scatter symbol needs not to appear on the payline to claim you your winnings. Scatter symbols pay you, even if they don’t happen to be on the payline. They can be anywhere on the landing screen. Furthermore, a wild icon can’t replace a scatter symbol. However, in some games it empowers to replace scatter symbols, too.

What is a Jackpot?

Jackpot is the highest static prize money offered by a slots game. Normally, this is awarded on appearance of the identical title icons on all the slots of the landing pay line.

What is a Progressive Jackpot?

Unlike a static jackpot, which is a fixed amount, progressive jackpot keeps increasing until it is claimed by a winner. Every time a player loses some money, slots machines are programmed to keep a predefine share of this lost money to a separate pot. Normally, there are many slots machines tied together to contribute to a single pot, which keeps increasing; hence called a progressive jackpot. Many times, there are hundreds of machines or even entire chains of casinos are linked together to form a gigantic progressive jackpot.