Slots Dictionary

Slots gaming is so enthralling that everyone gets allure to it. Every gaming enthusiastic wants to learn every part of slots. Though, basic game play is easy enough for everyone to understand, but if you need to enjoy the game professionally, you should be aware of some commonly used technical jargons. Discussing every term is somehow not useful for every player. In fact, new players might get confuse with it. Players are more concerns with the terms they’re going to come across while playing. So, we’ve highlighted some frequently used Slots gaming terms:

Basic Slots: Basic slots is the old form of slots machines, where there is only a single pay line with a static jackpot. In these machines, Jackpot doesn’t upsurge like a progressive jackpot. However, these slots machines are rare these days.

Hopper: Whenever you wager your coins on any spin by inserting them into a slots machine. It stores all of them in a special holder called Hopper.

Multi Pay lines Slots: Some of the earlier developed slots machines use to offer single pay line, where players need to get stack symbols’ combination on a single pay line to win prizes. However, now the game has become advance enough to offer 5,10, or even 15 pay lines on a single spin. However, multi pay lines offer maximum chance of winning at a high wager amount than earlier single pay line slots machines.

Multi Reel Slots: Unlike classical three reel slots, multi reel slots consist of five to seven or even more reels spins. Typically, multi reel slots machines offer multiple pay lines to heighten the winning chances.

Online Slots: Online slots is a remote playing software version of its land based counterpart. Online slots is played on a personal computer or on a gaming console. All your wagering / winning actions are displayed via the user interface on remote software.

Payout %: Every casino programmed its slots machines to offer the maximum possible payout to entice more players. Payout percentage is what a casino has to pay back to players as their winnings. Suppose, if a casino is offering 98% payout, it means for every $100 wager money. Slot machines are supposed to give back $98 to its players as winnings and keeping $2 for house casinos’ profit each spin.

Progressive Jackpot: The term jackpot is often referring to highest payout a machine has to offer on getting a magic stack symbols’ combination on the reels. Every time a player loses some money on slots gaming, machine itself set aside some part of his losing money towards a separate pot call progressive pot or jackpot. This progressive jackpot keeps up surging until claimed by a player. Often, many slots machines contribute to form a single progressive pot; sometimes hundreds of slots machines are networked together to form a gigantic progressive jackpot.

Symbols: The images, characters, and graphics, etc., printed on each reel are called symbols or stack symbols. Nowadays, slots machines’ stack symbols encoded with an eye-catching high-end graphics support to enhance the users’ playing experience.

Tilt: Every nonworking slots machine in land-based casinos is often renowned as the machine on tilt.