Real Time Gaming Slots

Real Time Gaming or RTG is an online casino software development company formed in 1998. The feature packed slots machines by RTG are often known for their best quality, simple game play, and overall better winning odds than other parallel slots machines. RTG is highly praised for its reel series of slots games that replicate the in-land casinos’ slots machines. From basic slots to multi reels slots, they have everything you expect from a slots developer. Apart from slots games, they offer a wide range of online casino games including classic table games, craps, Blackjack, slots and more. The most prominent part of their gaming portfolio is online slots, which are unique in their progressive jackpot’s offerings. Unlike other slots games where you need to play with the maximum bet to qualify for the progressive jackpots, here with RTG slots games you can even qualify for the progressive jackpot prize with the minimum bet’s game play, which is a must have enticing feature for both high and low rollers. Each of their softwares coding follows the strict internationally accredited testing group regulations to come out with a random result every time you hit the spin.

Muti Platform Compatibility

Days are gone when computer users were known just about Microsoft’s Operating systems. Now there are many promising operating systems in the market with continually increasing market share. Some of them are Mac, Linux, or portable mobile operating systems. Every software developer is now making something that can support maximum platforms for users’ conformability. Warranted by the universal reach of online casino games, RTG has customized its games to make them smoothly functional on various systems. So, from a basic computer amateur to professional Linux user everyone can play RTG games - thanks to RTG creative team of software developers.

Days are not too distanced apart when mobile devices game play will rule the online gaming market. RTG has already come up with many portable gaming applications that can be played on any mobile device. May it be an iPhone, a Gaming console, or any other remote device featured to create a random network with the online casino’s web interface. You just wait and see!

Other Exclusives of RTG slots games

RTG slots games are known for their quality, sustainability, and smooth functionality over various operating conditions, including different operators, different operating systems, and various hardware devices. The prominent feature of RTG slots is their flexible customizability through their users, which is a good feature for some while a setback attribute for others. Actually, players or operators can change many materialistic aspects of slots games, like payout percentage, auto spin numbers and more. Though, these changes follow fair game playing standards, no one can make any alteration in the random outcome of any RTG game. However, sometimes these offered flexibilities cause more worries than confidence among RTG slots games’ lovers. Anyhow, besides these good or bad points, RTG enjoys being among the top three casino software developers, which is an indication of their multifunctional approach towards each of their software product.