Rival Gaming Slots

Online casino industry has exploded so gigantically that it is now worth billions of dollars in turnover alone. Online bankrolls count is even higher than gross turnover. This vast money involvement motivates many new emerging developers to enter in the market. Not all of them could manage to stand the hard-hitting competition, but some manage not only to stand by the competition but also beat the competition in many aspects. Rival gaming is one such gaming developer, which is rather a new gaming developer, but perhaps is a promising contender for the future hope of new online gaming approaches. Rival gaming is a Cyprus based casino software developer formed just recently, i.e., 2006. With just few years of first-hand experience, they are now considered one of the best gaming platform providers capable of making games that stand apart of the crowd. You won’t find their games as a similar concept traditional games that you already have seen thousand times earlier. They are having many different game variants, which sometimes you can’t even imagine being a real gaming concept.


Slots games are the most versatile online games. In fact, they enjoy the largest revenue share in any online casino’s balance sheet. That make slots games the most important aspect to look for by any online casino that wants to live in the competitive online gaming industry. Rival gaming has their distinct slots gaming platform trademarked as islots aka interactive slots. As the name suggests, they feature interactivity between gaming console and its player in many aspects. At the beginning of every islots game, there is a short movie clip that describes the game, its characters and a similar clip feature at the end of the game. Apart from an introducing movie clip, there is a skill-based bonus round too where player’s performance determines the game's outcome.

Additionally, Rival slots games are available in both download and instant play versions. You can play them on a traditional windows platform or on Mac, Linux, as well. Beside all these good features, there is also a Casino management system, which is a backend management utility for casino and players where each of them can keep track on their activity, winning, and account balance. This backend management support becomes a handy tool for any player to control his winning or losing habit in any playing session.

Other Rival Games

Slots is not the only game that Rival gaming is known for. There are more than 100 unique casino games to choose from. They have something for every taste and bankroll. From table games to multi-payline slots to three-dimensional gaming experience, you can enjoy them all. So, doesn’t matter if you’re a Poker fan or a Blackjack enthusiastic. You can’t afford to ignore Rival games for their unique game play and story telling interactive slots.

Rival gaming is surely an emerging hope for next generation online gaming industry. And if you’re a player or a lover of distinctive games, you should surely look forward to your kind of Rival!