Progressive Slots

Progressive slots - in simple terms - is a slots machine that continuously upsurge its jackpot until it is claimed by any player. Unlike ordinary slots machines, progressive slots machines are interconnected with many similar machines – sometimes hundreds of machines – to form a central progressive jackpot that can be won by any player playing on any of these interconnected progressive slots machines. Progressive jackpots are very popular these days. In fact, their presence and size often determine the success of any casino. Every player gets enticed with ever increasing millions of dollars figure displayed by every casino in all its casino promotions. Nevertheless, the chances of winning these huge jackpots are very rare because of the probability factor. Still, average slots player doesn’t care about the chances of winning, what he cares about is the fact that if, somehow - on any lucky day - he could manage to win a progressive jackpot. It can change his fortune forever.

Casinos are smart enough with their marketing skills; they'd better like to advertise ten million dollars in jackpots than advertising ten small jackpots. No gaming operator declares exactly how many machine or even casinos are linked together to form their million dollars jackpot, which is not important for a normal slots player either. Progressive slots machines often have some special scatter symbols on multi reel slots machine and these magic scatter symbols are normally the source of progressive jackpots win.

Building Progressive Jackpots

Whenever any player losses his wager money on any spin, slots machines are programmed, in a way, to set aside some part of this losing toward a central pot which keeps increasing or progressive with each such loss of the wager by any player. This process continues within each connected machine, and central progressive jackpot became massive enough in no time. Thanks to the popularity of slots gaming among other casino games. The size of progressive slots depends upon the number of slots machines or even casino interconnected together. In fact, biggest players in the online slots market have their own chain of integrated casinos and each of their casino has more than hundreds of slots variants to play from. No one needs any mathematical skills to calculate how big their progressive slots would be.

Another prominent reason of these gigantic progressive jackpots is their wager money requirement. Normal static slots machines – where the jackpot prize does not increases – have stumpy wager requirements, but if there is any progressive jackpot attached to a slots gaming machine, the player need to wage some minimum wager to qualify for progressive jackpots. Furthermore, progressive slots machines often known to pay a low-payout percentage if compared to other static machines. Let’s suppose if any casino is offering 98% payout with its static slots games, he would be paying much lower payout for progressive slots for the simple reason of feeding progressive jackpot faster than others.

These progressive slots have made a decisive popularity lead among other online casino games for their chances of winning biggest amount at comparably lowest wagering requirements.