Microgaming Slots

Microgaming is unarguably the best slots' gaming provider out there. Their widespread acceptance is so faithful that more than 130 online casinos are now using their gaming softwares. Their games incorporate all genres of online casino, from table games to highly acclaimed online slots. In fact, most of their online games are inter connected to form an enormous progressive jackpot. Perhaps, more than 200 million of dollars has already been awarded in Microgaming progressive jackpot, since their inception. They have created more than fifteen instant milliners with their progressive jackpots. These facts make them a hard beating target by any of their competitors.

Microgaming Slots

Microgaming certainly has more variety of online slots than any other slots developer. At an estimate, they have more than 150 different classic and video slots games. Each of them carries different attributes, from the number of reels to coins’ limit per machine. They have slots games to cover every detail of online slots gaming. Besides the basic features, there are more advanced features too, like free spins, scatter symbols, gamble round and more. You can easily identify Microgaming, if you ever have had a bit of experience playing them. Their games set apart of other games in terms of the graphic engine, sound quality and above all, their down to earth user interface, which makes it easy enough to be enjoyed by any gamer, not by experienced slots players only. Even they offer friendly back end support to make sure that their games run smoothly notwithstanding the place they are being played at.

The wide acceptance of Microgaming is not mare because of their vast, well-designed online games, but they also take care of players’ interest and fair game play. Earlier in the beginning of the Internet gaming arena, the online gaming market was not so wide as it is today. In those days, even a small share of online players was considered handy. To allure more players to play online games and win their confidence in the credibility, reliability of any online casino, Microgaming and others found eCOGRA, i.e., Ecommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance, which settles any dispute between a player and an online casino. And most of the times they decide the dispute in players’ favor. So, every time a new player starts his online gaming journey, he always looks forward for eCOBRA seal to protect pinching his hard earned money by any unfair means.


Microgaming aka Microgaming software system is as Isle of Man based software developer who is active since 1994. In fact, in 1994 they introduce their first online casino software, which happens to be the world first online casino software at the time. Since then Microgaming is continuously proving itself by creating the wide range of quality softwares. Even the gaming industries close watchers unwisely recognized Microgaming as the best in the class software provider. Their progressive jackpots, flash games, and wide acceptance make Microgaming an ultimate gaming provider.